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      我们提供的产品涉及到分子生物学、细胞生物学、微生物学、生物工程和制药等领域。 从通用实验室产品到新颖的前沿技术,我们相信您都会在这里找到满足您需要的一款产品。


        BIO-XPLORER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a supplier of quality products from both well established and new, innovative companies all around the world. Collaborating with premier international manufacturers, BIO-XPLORER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is committed to providing our customers with a wide range of superior quality products, services, also we can provide custom products to meet customer's special requirements. The products we represent include that applied in molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, and an extensive range of laboratory instruments and consumables for biotechnological and pharmaceutical research.  From laboratory essentials to exciting new technologies, we are confident that you will find a product to fit your requirements.